Beyond the Breaks Episode 558- 28/10/2016 featuring…..Psyence Fiction Warmer Uppereres.

Well its that time again to bring out the Psy Goodness, this will be the warm up of the warm up for my warm up set at the next Psyence Fiction on 11.11.16 with these likely lads..because Everything is fiction before it is manifested into “reality”. A bi-monthly night to delve into the Psychedelic realms of the physical and non-physical reality – Psy-ence Fiction. Residents Adam Stapleton and James Corbett (sometimes performing as “The Psy-entists” ) plus rotating guests, giveaways and of course, Psychedelic lighting and visuals.Expand your mind. Experience an in depth level of trance music and dance to the beat of a different drum.


So, no guesses as to what I will be playing but more to come on that tomorrow/today as I step to the decks and drop the beats. Ill be kicking off early, hopefuly thrn off to the gig.:)…/beyond-the-breaks-…

If all is well I might even include a (no one else has it) mix from someone that will only ever be played on this show once.


11-1GMT or 8.30pm Adelaide time on the NSB



Beyond the Breaks – Ten Year Anniversary.

Well well well my first ever NSB show was on Thursday the 7th September 2006 so this week I will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary.

Last weeks show was an epic 5 hour special with Dj RAAF for the first two hours, then I for the last three.

So as it turned out we went on a bit of a dark and moody adventure starting out with myself mixing the new Sergei Orange album – Newer World in no particular order. This was a lot of fun and set the stage for the rest of the night. Raaf then stepped up and ripped apart the Kill Room Studio with a wikid DnB set my fave track being “You are being Lied to”! Epic, then I finished off another 2-3 hours of random beats for a solid 5 hour show.

All up good fun, good chats and a wikid way to mark 10 years on the air, the archive will be available for download soon and you can check the track list below.

Part One – Sergei Orange – Newer World – Rune 078 – Mixed by Marty_B

RUNE078: Sergei Orange – «The Newer World» LP – is a conceptual album from RUNE Recordings, devoted to space exploration. Each of the ten tracks tells the story of the travels beyond Earth’s gravity towards the unknown and exciting world of the Universe.

The pioneer of ‘neurogressive breaks’ – Sergei Orange – is sent beyond the event horizon, where, together with his listeners, he enriches the experience in search of a new world. Through time and space, we look forward to expanding the frontiers of knowledge, which is the starting point of music. The music we call – Breaks.


Part Two – Dj RAAF.

Part Three – Random Business.

Download Links Below: Pt 1 Marty_B Pt 2 RAAF and Pt 3 Marty_B

Title Artist Release Label Genre Remixer
BEYOND  THE  BREAKS  10 YEAR  Anniversary  Show
Engine Room Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Buy Time Sergei Orange, Electrofood CH The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Arrivals Sergei Orange, Mechanical Pressure The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Newer World Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Departure Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Research Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Exploration Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Invasion Sergei Orange The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Lecture Sergei Orange, Windom R The Newer World rune Breaks  artworks-000177172568-3f2eum-t500x500
Man and Machines (Robosapiens Remix) Andels (CZ) man-and-machines Kiosek Records Breaks robosapiens
The Orb (Original Mix) Mesmer, Line Of Sight the-orb kiosek Breaks
Haar (DJ friendly mix)  Rcaine haar kiosek Breaks  RCaine
Homeworld feat. Charli Brix (Break Remix) Enei, Charli Brix Rituals Remixed Critical Music Drum & Bass Break
Babylon Step (Original Mix) Ed:It South City EP Shogun Audio Drum & Bass
Wardub (Original Mix) J Man The Brex’t Episode Jigsore Records Drum & Bass
Dusk (Original) Signal, HYQXYZ Footprint / Dusk Overtech Music Drum & Bass
Boss Up Di Place (Original Mix) Envelope, Amen Shamen The Brex’t Episode Jigsore Records Drum & Bass
Footprint (Original) Signal Footprint / Dusk Overtech Music Drum & Bass
Homeworld feat. Charli Brix (Break Remix) Enei, Charli Brix Rituals Remixed Critical Music Drum & Bass Break
Repentance (Original Mix) Hive Repentance – Single Project 51 Recordings Drum & Bass
Homeworld feat. Charli Brix (Break Remix) Enei, Charli Brix Rituals Remixed Critical Music Drum & Bass Break
What You Had feat. Steo (Lenzman Remix) Artificial Intelligence Forgotten Truths EP Metalheadz Drum & Bass Lenzman
In Circles (Original Mix) Fierce, Zero T Bonesmen / In Circles Metalheadz Drum & Bass
You Are Being Lied To feat. Kemo – Original Mix Kemo, Lynx Dirty Red EP Drum & Bass
Alien Groove (Original Mix) Icicle Shogun Audio Presents – Way Of The Warrior Shogun Audio Drum & Bass
DANGEROUS – FEAT ALIX PEREZ KEMO / LYNX Raaf Drum & Bass Disc 18 Drum And Bass
Deceiver – Original Mix Mad Rabbit Etched In Stone : 2 years anniversary edition IM:LTD Drum & Bass
Consciousness (Original Mix) Photek Natural Born Killa (2015 Remaster) Metalheadz Drum & Bass
Constant – Original Mix Cruel Culture Impulse EP Drum & Bass
The Fly Octane & DLR Drum & Bass
Keep It Low – Original Mix Kemo, Lynx Keep It Low Detail Recordings Drum & Bass
Still Waters – Original Mix Caine, Kantyze Etched In Stone : 2 years anniversary edition IM:LTD Drum & Bass
Rat Race (Original Mix) Phace, Rockwell Shogun Audio Presents – Way Of The Warrior Shogun Audio Drum & Bass
Patience – Original Mix D-Bridge, Jubei Raaf Drum & Bass Disc 51 Metalheadz Drum & Bass
Loaded – Original Mix Hybris Critical Sound Of Drum And Bass Drum & Bass
HINTERLAND SILENT WITNESS Raaf Drum & Bass Disc 12 Drum And Bass
Advance – Original Mix Dexcell Play The Game / Advance Nu Labels Drum & Bass
Alone – Original Mix S.P.Y. Alone / Hurricane Inneractive Music Drum & Bass
7 Seas (Original Mix) Phaxe, Morten Granau 7 Seas 432 Records Psy-Trance
Alternate Universe (Original Mix) Ace Ventura, Captain Hook Iboga Records Label Party Vol.01 Iboga Trance Psy-Trance
Bungee Jump (Lish Remix) Captain Hook, Astrix Bungee Jump Iboga Records Psy-Trance Lish
Antilightbulb – Beta Remix 9b0 Single – Beta Glack Audio Breaks  9da8-649e-4293-a842-ca809139725d
One – Breaks Mix Beta One Sound Of Habib Breaks  mq1
My Culture – Original Mix Beta Single – Beta Sound Of Habib Other  mq1
Rektchordz vs. Hybrid – Left Your Fear Behind  Beta – Left Behind  mq1  jrektchordz  beta  hybrid
Combination – Original Mix Santos combination Distinctive Records Other  distinctive
Sasha – Mongoose (Wrexx Remix) Sasha/Wrexx  Remix Comp  White Breaks wrexx
Marine 9 The Lucky 23  marine-nine-the-lucky-23  Breaks.Sk Tech  breaks-sk
Towards The Sun (Evil Nine remix) FUTURE FUNK SQUAD Towards The Sun ffstts Breakbeat  default-records
100mg – The Loops Of Fury Remi Mike Hulme 100mg  ua Other  loops-of-fury
Higher – Original Mix Jinx Bo Selectro / Higher High Grade Recordings Breaks  highgrade
Blow feat. Mojo – Wrexx Remix Future Funk Squad Reorders Of Skill Remix Album En:Vision RecordingsENVision.jpg Breaks  wrexx
Burning Ice Stratosphere Single – Stratosphere Distinctive Records Breaks  distinctive
Blackou – Original Mix JDS The Adventures Of The Purple Funky Monkey TCR (Thursday Club Recordings)tcr Breaks
When We Were Young feat. Liz Melody – Original Mix C83 When We Were Young feat. Liz Melody En:Vision Recordingsenvision Breaks  Liz Melodylix-melody
Baba O’Riley – Ils Club Mix ILS ils-vs-the-who Distinctive Recordsdistinctive White  ils
Rocket Soul – Original Mix Plump DJs Headthrash Finger Lickin Recordsfl Breaks
Rocket Soul – Original Mix Plump DJs Headthrash Finger Lickin Recordsfl Breaks
Proxy Rerub Proxy/  CDR  white-label White/CDR
Raven/ La Roc Edit Proxy/  CDR  white-label White/CDR
Rez/Cowgirl Underworld Everything, Everything: Underworld Live  ee Electronica  jbo
Pearls Girl Underworld Everything, Everything: Underworld Live  ee Electronica  jbo
Jumbo Underworld Everything, Everything: Underworld Live  ee Electronica  jbo
Cowgirl (Atomic Hooligan Remix) Underworld  NUXX  born-slippy-nuxx Breaks  jbo
Return 2 Sierra (RVMPD) Darth Vader Vs Mt. Eden RVMPD2 shack Revamp white-label
Wish U Were Here (feat Nkemdi – Eric Harary Unreleased “Shine” vocal mix) John Creamer & Stephane K lih lihlogo House eric-haray

Beyond the Breaks episode 538 featuring me, playing Psy Breaks, Trance, Dub and grooves.

Soooooo Basically……Psychedelic music has been around for fucking ages and I love it and you should too!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Psychedelic trance, psytrance or just psy is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by arrangements of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies created by high tempo riffs.[3][4] By 1998 psytrance had become a mainstream form of music.

Psytrance lies at the hardcore, underground end of the diverse trance spectrum.[5] The genre offers variety in terms of mood, tempo, and style. Some examples include full on, darkpsy, Hi-Tech, progressive, suomi, psy-chill, psycore, psybient, psybreaks, or “adapted” tracks from other music genres. Goa trance preceded psytrance, when digital media became more commonly used psytrance evolved. Goa continues to develop alongside the other genres.[3]

Beyond the Breaks episode 536 featuring Karton – In Retrospect 2006.

Well what can be said about Karton from Canberra? I can think of a few things including Awesome! Breaks! Bass! Skeptical remix! and I still don’t own a copy of Northbourne, which incidentally I have driven down Northbourne in Canberra but it didnt sound the same:)

Anyway, this week on the show Im featuring an retrospective mix from lads from 2006.

I hope you enjoy it.


  • Genre
    Bass Music
  • Band Members
    Paul Richter | PB
  • Hometown
    Canberra, Australia
  • Record Label
    Klub Kids, Australia
  • Short Description
    Check for new releases.
  • Bio
    With two albums, one EP and countless remixes under their belts, Australian bass music duo Karton are gearing up for a big 2013.
  • Gender
    Plural (male)
  • Current Location
  • Influences
    Unkle, Crystal Method, Hybrid, Nubreed, Infusion, Logistics, High Contrast, London Electricity, BT, Faithless, De La Soul, A See More
  • Press Contact
  • Booking Agent


jose gonzales – crosses (breaks bootleg)
evil nine – devil stuff
pulsar – breed
soul of man – sukdat (rogue element remix)
unknown – this way (notrak bootleg)
kid blue – nothing to lose
beat assassins – luka
karton – old and untitled
breakfastaz – pressure (aquasky remix)
krafty kuts – funk phenomenon (dj friction remix)
chase and status – druids
fresh – nervous
karton – make it right
crystal clear and codebreaker – only weakness
subfocus – frozen solid
xample and crystal clear – heaven and hell
marky and xrs – closer (total science remix)
baron – decade
concord dawn – man for all seasons
cyantific and logistics – flashback
karton – only one

Check it here!! (right click, save target as…)



Beyond the Breaks episode 535 feat: Line of Sight & Saku, Kiosek Records, Prague.

Hi all and welcome along to episode 535 of BTB, this week on the show I am pleased to feature one of my favourite labels and two of my favourite Dj/Producers Line of Sight and Saku from Prague.

I have been a huge fan of these guys for years and have been playing some of the tunes recently which you will recognise tonight as I air the Kiosek Records 2016 mix.

I have probably listened to this mix more than 50 times since I downloaded it and Im sure you will enjoy it just as much as I have and continue to do so:)

Kiosek in their own words….

Kiosek Records, Brand new, fresh as flesh and sharp as the Lojza-the-Butcher’s knife, this is the new breakbeat label from the Czech Republic, Europe, that we would like to present to you.

From progressive breaks to dark urban hymns, with cold as ice chillout breaks and basses so deep you can take a shovel and dig for them right in the Earth’s core. Breakbeat hardly ever was a simple style; quite the opposite, you’ll find whole universes in breaking beats – and with Kiosek Records I would love to invite you for a flyby through some newly discovered star clusters and nebulas.

So, fasten your seat belts please, this could be one hell of a flight; your satisfaction is guaranteed by the professional mastering of every single track in Kiosek Records, and also by some very experienced pilots. Although the label is new, it is ran by veteran (yet still kicking) founders of the website – one of the core ingredients of the breakbeat scene in middle Europe.

los and saku

On the mix….

It’s been quite a journey for Kiosek Records the past two years. Travelling through darkened city streets in the deepest night, through the most recondite parts of the soul, but also through ecstatic dance floors. This mix, looking back on our past releases and forward to some upcoming ones, is a reflection of this journey. This is Kiosek on its second anniversary. Enjoy the ride. Sam & Georgi


01. Line Of Sight – Voyager (Original Mix)
02. Sonority – Could Be Normal (Turtlesquad Remix)
03. DNCH – Mister Frust (Original Mix)
04. Andels (CZ) – Man and Machines (Robosapiens Remix)
05. Hironimus Bosch – Whippin The 5 (Original Mix)
06. DNCH – Kraut (Kostas G Remix)
07. Grove – Conspirator (Original Mix)
08. Cafeman – Bangers Delight (Jiro Remix)
09. Mesmer & Line Of Sight – The Orb (Original Mix)
10. Turtlesquad – Afterlife (Original Mix)
11. Stromlinie – Crossing Roots (Original Mix)
12. Roocza – Clarence The Nebulist (DNCH Remix)
13. Uncless – Shinkanzen (Sonority Retold 2016)
14. Line Of Sight & Voita – Freedom (Original Mix)
15. Sonority – Raw Dist (Club Mix)
16. Eartheogen – Eudemony (Original Mix)
17. Eartheogen – Eudemony (DNCH Remix)
18. Rcaine & Karl Sav – Haar (Dj friendly Mix)



Beyond the Breaks episode 534 Stanton Warrior’s vs Plump Dj’s

So tonight on the show I was going to feature a mix by Line of Sight and Saku for Kiosek Records, but, I have decided to leave that one for a few weeks.

I was thinking about what I could do instead that was interesting and fund for you the listener and came up with an idea.

Tonight I will be playing 2 Stanton Warriors tunes then 2 Plump Djs Tunes, and so on and so forth until I either run out of tunes (unlikely) or run out of time (most likely)

So, I know its short notice but I hope you can join me in approximately 2 hours from now as usual on…

Come and say hi and enjoy some Break beats on ya Friday:)



Beyond the Breaks episode 533 featuring Diistortiion, again :)

I have featured Diistortiion or Glenn as his mum calls him on my show in the past when he released his Signature Series mixes. This week he is back with a retrospective of Breaks celebrating a decade of music and dance, Glenn says….

So it recently dawned on me that this year marks 10 years since I had my first support gig at Ambar back in 2006 playing before Dopamine – 10 bloody years!!
Since then music has taken me all over Australia and overseas and allowed me to connect with people all over the world that would have never been possible had it not been for our mutual interest in music.
So I think it’s about time I did a mix paying tribute to that awesome time in my life – the gigs/parties/after parties/boat parties and festivals.
Flashing back to 2004 – 2006 I couldn’t get away without paying respect to Kid Kenobi who single handedly got me and most of the people I know into Djing at the time.
I learned to mix by listening to his breaks mixes on repeat.
So this mix is as much a tribute to him as it is to the talented artists included in it.


White Stripes – Seven nation Army [Adam Freeland Remix]
– Poxy Music – Our Break [Sample]
– Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At [Sample]
Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul
Freestylers – Punks [Krafty Kuts Remix]
– Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At [Sample]
The Rouge Element – King of Boot
Green Velvet – La La Land [Poxymusic vs Kid Kenobi Remix]
Moguai – U Know Y
Cut & Run – Ravelight
Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath [Friendly Remix]
Adam Freeland – Heel Toe Feat. Juice Aleem Toastie
JDS – Rockstar [Kid Kenobi, Q45 & Ritual Remix]
Deibeat – Time to Rock
Rennie Pilgrem – Emit Collect
Drumattic Twins – Feelin Kinda Strange [Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix]
Evil Nine – Crooked
Ivory – Free The Beast [Breakfastaz Remix]
– Aquasky vs Crash Berlin – Movin The Hype Track [Sample]
Stereo Type, Screwface & Ctrl Z – Dusk Til Dawn Feat. Foreign Beggars, Mc Spyda, Wizard.
Far Too Loud – Play It Loud [Broken Robot mix]
– Breakfastaz – The Pressure [Aquasky Remix]
Stereotype, Screwface & Ctrl Z – Balls To The Wall [Stereotypical Part 2]
Freestylers & Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt
Pendulum – ABC Theme
Evil Nine – Restless Feat. Toastie Taylor [Dylan Rhymes Mix]
Alex Dolby – Hazy Way [Evil Nine Remix]
Moguai – Get It On [Hyper Remix]
Bloc Party – Banquet [Boys Noize remix]
Junxie XL – Mushroom