Welcome to Beyond the Breaks episode 469.

Hi all and welcome to the first edition of Beyond the Breaks Blog. This Blog will serve as a place you can gather all the information you need on my show including upcoming events, track listings, special guest mixes and info on all the labels, Dj’s and producers that are featured on the show.

A little about me first just so you know who I am and where I have come from….I started Beyond the Breaks under the name The Down Under Breaks on NSB Radio. My first show was on Thursday 7th September 2006 and if we work out the maths I’m close to my 468th show not counting time off so I’m just going to go with that:)

Over the years I have enjoyed the Breaks scene and watched it evolve and grow and then move more underground. I have always said I have never met anyone in Breaks that I didn’t like and I’m enjoying the resurgence the genre is having in 2015.

I hope to provide you with some excellent music and keep you up to date and entertained as we move through the year. I have been working on getting some very special guests lined up for the show and hope to air some fantastic mixes you all shortly but more on that later.

My full Bio is below and outlines more about me and what I am about but if you really want to know tune in to BTB which is on Mondays 11-1 GMT, or 9.30pm – 1130pm Adelaide time at http://www.nsbradio.co.uk you can even pop in to the chat to say hi, so, I hope to see you there:)

Tonight’s show is a special mix from me that means a great deal emotionally.

This mix is dedicated to Ren, you changed my life through so many ways. These tunes all hold a special meaning for the both of us and I hope you like this mix. Only Ren and I will understand the order in which the tunes are placed but they are all immense and moving on levels I cannot describe….thank you Ren for being part of my life, for saving me, for allowing me to be me and accepting me for who I am.

Five Hour conversation unfinished Symphony mix 11-8-16.

  • Slang and Techno Dreamer – Falling
    Luke Chable – Slow it down – It Broke Mix
    Sinosine – Two Systems
    John Creamer and Stephane K – I love you – Hybrid remix
    Fletric – Leveller
    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Intriguing Possibilities – Burufunk Remix
    Luke Chable and Shiloh – Sentrino
    Ronski Speed, Rex Mundi, Sir Adrian – The perspective space
    Beta – Trojan
    Luke Chable and Danny Bonnici – Ride – Have a Break Mix
    Sasha – Mongoose – Wrexx Remix
    Eltech – Electro Nick – Original Mix
    Stratosphere – Burning Ice
    Lady Packa – Dark Mission
    Proxy – Dancing in the dark- Rerub
    Tensnake – Coma Cat – Stanton Warriors rerub
    Platinum Mules – Roc out Wide
    Mesmer – Glareglaze – Line of Sights Antiglare remix
    Freestylers – In Love with you – Rogue Element remix
    I still love you – Stanton Warriors remix
    The Drum Attic Twins – On My Mind
    Wardian – Chewing Bomb – Original Mix from the Ketamong Sessions
    Andy Page – Serpent
    Agent K and Bella – Sierra Leone – Phat Riderz Remix
    Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here.

You can download the mix here:

Genres: Nu Skool Breaks, Trance and Progressive house

I started dj-ing: in late 1992 because I had broken up with my girlfriend and one of her mates took me to Heaven (now HQ nightclub in Adelaide), and I was blown away. I watched Brendon, the resident DJ every week and thought I’d like to be able to do that! A mate suggested that it (mixing) was too hard and that I’d never be able to do it, so I went and bought some decks and a mixer and started buying vinyl. Since then, I’ve played everything from house to hardcore but I’ve settled in to the breakbeat groove and am having an absolute ball with it. I think breaks has a real future and I hope to be a part of it.

Usually Plays @: Psyence Fiction Adelaide and  www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk or www.nsbradio.co.uk

Likes: Happy crowds of up for it party people who love to smile and dance and make requests.

Dislikes: Being asked to turn it down! I hate that!

Most memorable moment: Playing Moscow,…the only gig of 4 I managed to make it to, those people are awesome! BBZ CREW!

Favourite Acts / Dj’s: The BrainKiller, Tummy Talk, Hedflux, Optobot, Beta etc

Favourite Party This Year, Psyence Fiction…love the Psy crew, & Earthcore 2015!

Sees Himself in the future: Still mixing, hopefully at some new venues both in Adelaide and abroad. I would love to play overseas again especially in the USA as they are really up for the breaks over there and they have such a unique style, Id love to do Russia and Prague again and the UK.

Any other comments? :       “Turn it up, drink plenty of water and keep dancing.”

“There’s nothing more important than excellent self promotion.”

                                      “Humble thyself in the eyes of the promoter.”


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