Beyond the Breaks Episode 471 – Diistortiion

I have known Diistortiion (Glen to his mum) for many years now and have watched as his production and Djing skills have taken him step by step to some truly epic heights. I’m sitting here trying to remember when it was I first met Glen and all I can think of was some time in the 2000’s at Rev’s. Since then we have shared some awesome times together in clubs, on boats, at raves and on beaches:)

This week on the show I am proud to present the latest offering from Diistortiion in the form of the DiiSTORTiiON Signature Mix Series – Breakbeat – 2015. 

Glen says about his mix series…

The idea behind this mix series is to break up the styles of tunes I usually use for my Multi-Genre mixes and give them their own stand-alone mix.
Often when I approach a Multi–Genre mix I choose tracks that work with the rest of the mix and as a result of that I sometimes leave out tracks that I’m really digging but don’t work with the mix as a whole.
By breaking up the 3 main styles I use for my sets it gives me more freedom to explore these styles in more depth over the course of an hour mix.
So here they are!

DnB/Bass = All the DnB and Bass Music styles I squeeze into my sets but in a full one hour journey.

Mid Tempo – All the tracks I use as fillers and starts and ends of my sets. This is definitely programed to be more of a listening journey mix than an in your face banging one.

Breakbeat – A full one-hour mix of Breakbeat and some 140 stuff for good measure. Heaps of my own originals and unreleased stuff in this one.

Expect heaps of edits/ mashups/ double drops / layering and original tracks over all 3 mixes.


You can tune in to the show this coming Monday 23rd March 2015 11-1GMT, 930pm Adelaide time at also you can come and say hi in the chat and talk to the Djs live:) I hope to see you there:)

Download here:


1) DiiSTORTiiON – Hybrid Theory
2) Access Denied – Epic Warriors
3) Beatman, Ludmilla – Backyard (Kelle Remix)
4) Far Too Loud, Astronaut – War (Teddy Killerz Remix)
5) Sam Vandal – Dancefloor Friendly Unit Shifter (DiiSTORTiiON Remix)
6) Noisestorm – Sentinel
7) Liam Keery – Midnight (Refracture Remix)
8) DiiSTORTiiON – Rancor
9) Hyper, Beatman, Ludmilla – Breed (Refracture Remix)
10) Lange – A Different Shade Of Crazy (Refracture Remix)
11) Hyper – Take Me Away (Karl Sav Remix)
12) Nero – Satisfy (Bezwun Breaks Mix)
13) The Prodigy – Wild Frontier
14) Toronto Is Broken – Dejitaru Ishiki
15) Marger – What’s This feat. Foreign Beggars
16) iLL Audio – Get Ready
17) Hyper – Heartbeats
18) Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Datsik Remix)


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