Beyond the Breaks episode 488 featuring Jiro – Granada SPAIN.

Beyond the Breaks has been gaining momentum on Mondays as the guest mixes keep coming. The quality of the mixes I have been receiving is nothing short of amazing and I am ultra proud this week to bring you Jiro.

I first encountered Jiro when I played the Offsun Remix of his tune Problems. Since the I have been keenly buying up his tracks and playing them on my shows to much appreciation. I am excited at the effort Jiro has put in to this exclusive mix for my show I hope you all enjoy it:) 12-2 GMT Monday 11th May 2015 after The Court Sessions with Jesta.

Don’t forget you can tune in to the show and jump on the chat and webcam and say hi to the Dj’s as well:)


It wasnt until I started writing this blog that I dont actually know how to pronounce his name; that said hailing from Granada, Spain Juanma a.k.a. JIRO began his DJ career influenced by bands like Leftfield,The Prodigy,The Chemical Brothers,Aphrodite,Freestylers , Orbital… Starts in 1999 djing at underground parties organized by English collectives based in south Spain,there,he grew up listening jungle,trance,garage,trip-hop,acid techno,drum&bass and of course breakbeats.
He was play at festivals and clubs like:
Dragon Festival 2001-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-11-12-13-15 (Granada)
Rocket Festival 05- 06-08 (Granada/Malaga)
Industrial Copera (Granada)
Sala el Tren (Granada)
Hush Hush Bar (Bristol,UK)
Planta Baja (Granada)
Ananda (Competa,Malaga)
Jarila (Capileira,Granada)
d’tragos,Chanes,El Jardin,top Camping,Oveja Negra,Jardin Partys,Kuku (Orgiva,Granada)

Jiro has releases on the following labels

V.I.M. (GRE)

I follow and endorse the sentiment ——BASS,PEACE & LOVE——————-Jiro.

Tracklist – Jiro

1-peter paul-the enviroment (auto remix) / 2-grove-out of the spiral (original mix) / 3-dj 33-push it on (alister marge & LMN3 remix) / 4-dj mutiny-dreams come true (bsd remix) / 5-retropolis-tell me baby (original mix) / 6-dr beats-oh funk (original mix) / 7-dj 33-clap & bounce (colombo remix) / 8-jiro-on route to hell (karl sav remix) / 9-dubaxface-music is my guide (guau remix) /10-retroid-double take (jiro remix) / 11-colombo-closing time (original mix) / 12-kayshan-be the pain (original mix) / 13-kayshan-drop the bass (original mix)

Tracklist – Marty_B

Beyond the Breaks feat Jiro

Diffused (Opiuo Remix) The Upbeats Vision
Wrecked (Opiuo Mix) Analog Mc, K+Lab Empathy Recordings Opiuo
Get Funky (Original Mix) Habstrakt Never Say Die Records
Eucalyptus Tryptich Colony Productions
Black Hole (Original Mix) William Breakspear, K+Lab Skanky Panky Records
Starting Blocks (Original Mix) Eddy Crusher Skanky Panky Records
This Is Acid (TheLucky23 Remix) Cafeman Census Sound Recordings
Marine 9 The Lucky 23
Towards the Sun – Evil 9 remix Future Funk Squad
Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 [Kiwa Remix] Pink Floyd Kiwa
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross_Intriguing Possibilities (Burufunk Remix)

Jiro guest mix BEYOND THE BREAKS


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