Beyond the Breaks episode 489 featuring TRUKERS

Hi all and sorry for the weeks absence I was hit with man flu and unable to move let alone get up and mix. I am back this week dosed up on med’s with an amazing guest. I have been an avid fan of his music and unique style so it was only natural that I would want him on the show. I had a cheeky listen to the mix and from the very start I had goosebumps!

I won’t tell you too much about it here rather Ill let the music do the talking. You can tune in this Monday 25th May 2015 from 12-2 GMT on

So, it is with great pleasure I bring you, Trukers.



– Breaks lover since very young, Trukers style is influenced by the many different musical styles he enjoys and he uses these inspirations to create the atmosphere and nuances in his emotional balearic music creations. Trukers is well known for his breath taking piano melodies, lush pads and warm bass lines. His music breaks boundaries and moves your soul.  Trukers creates deep, melodic and emotional  breakbeats and when you listen, you can’t help but fly away and take a musical journey into your own imagination.

– Rubén has had original and remixes releases to:

Rune Recordings(Ukrainian) (Slovakia);

VIM (Greece).

Digital Sensation UK (U.K)

Mistique Music (Georgia)

Spring Tube (Russia)

Electronic Tree (Poland)

Break Wind Productions (U.K)

Elliptical Sun Recordings (Russia)

OLD SQL Recordings  (Macedonia)

Morphosis Records (Hungary)

Suffused Music Digital (Lithuania)

Massive Harmony Records  (Argentina)

Nueva Digital (Canada)

Mystic Carousel Records (España)

Pineapple DIgital (Canada)

At present is resident in Center Grove Radio with ‘Progressive Feelings’ show,  2nd saturday every month and running a new digital Breaks Label called Magnetism Digital together with Benjaminas Bagdonas aka Ben Suffused. Coming back to producing soon

– You may visit the following pages to find the news about Trukers:



MIXCLOUD (Progressive Feeling show mixes) ::




Radio Show:



Label: MAGNETISM DIGITAL :: For booking, artistic cooperation or any question with TRUKERS you may contact with personal Rubén email:

Tracklist to follow:



Monojoke – Gentle Hit (Original Mix) (forthcoming Magnetism Digital)
Plu-Ton – Void (Original_Mix) (Break Wind Productions)
OrgaNik – In Search of Anything (Original Mix) (forthcoming Magnetism Digital)
Alfoa – Anubis (MDK Remix) (Magnetism Digital)
Trukers & Bass Station – Gravity on the Dance Floor (Original Mix) (VIM Records)
Colombo – Brightness (Devine Noise Remix) (Cognitive Music)
Vibrasphere – Erosion (Elfsong & Aeron Aether Rermix) unreleased CDR
Colombo – Brightness (Seth Vogt Remix) (cognitive Music)
Stromlinie – Null85zehn (Original_Mix)(Break Wind Productions)
EzBreaks – The Way To Charleroi (Jayson Butera’s Remix) (forthcoming Goldeye Recordings)


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