Beyond the Breaks episode 490 featuring BARTDON

Hi all and welcome to the latest installment of BTB. Only 9 more shows until we reach the mighty 500. This week on the show I am very excited to bring you one of my favorite producers Bartdon. He really came in to my view some time ago with his outstanding remix of Cade’s – Relentless which featured on the VIM Records Secret Weapons 03 in 2014.


Since then I have been enjoying his works and the varied styles of Breaks he has been producing.

Bartdon in his own words says, Dj / Producer of Málaga (Spain), component of Essence booking.
He began as a dj in the year 1998, mixing house and break in the club of your city, but ultimately decided by the break. Organizing events across the area since the year 99-00, facet which continues to work today.

He was interested in the world of production in the year 2000, and today has already published 60 tracks in various cd compilations, two 12″ vinyl and the other in digital formats, publishing in september of 2010 the first album with Spektra Recordings and in december of 2014 the second album with Spektra Recordings too.
He has worked with records label: Reflexmusik, Dubplate Records, Essence Records, Spektra Recordings, Kaleidoscope Music, Logico Beatz, Island Records & No Connection Press Records, Raveart Records, Yes Mate Recordings, V.I.M. Records, Breakz R Boss Records,..

It was nominated in Breakspoll 2015 in the category best track of the year and best remix of the year, and in the IBA Spain in the category best national producer.

He has acted in Andalucia half, sharing stage with the South’s Spain largest and best international scene, organizing events both independently and now under Essence Productions, as being required by the organizers strongest moment as Raveart, Natural, Tear Nation , Dubplate Breaks, Heat, Sound Frequency, …

Importanes more facets of this DJ / producer is the variety offered in their sets.
Funky Breaks, Tech-Break, NuSkool, most Spanish products, without forgetting of course, a very large suitcase Retro.

You can find more on Bartdon here.

FireShot Capture - Bartdon -Don´t Ever Change Your Mind -A_ - https___soundcloud.com_bartdon_sets_

Bartdon Album Sampler Tracklist taken from the forthcoming Don’t Ever Change Your Mind Album

1.-Don´t ever change your mind
2.-If I wearing
3.-If you look around you
4.-Try to fly
6.-Feel your energy
7.-The travel
8.-Shadows on the wall
9.-To the beat
13.-Love master
14.-Back to night

MARTY_B Tracklist

BTB Featuring BARTDON 4/6/2015

Orbital – Halcyon & On & On – Mortal Kombat Remix

FFS – Toward the Sun – Hybrid Remix

Chable and Bonici – Ride – Have a Break Remix

Pilch – Spam Tacticians – Unreleased CDR

Pilch – DTYLA

Cut N Run – You got the Breaks

Alt-A – Dystopia – VIM

Alt-A  – Into Oblivion

Alt-A – Bad Dream

Screwface – Monte

The Autobots – Apocalypse


Bartdon – Guest Mix




Audiophonic – T Virus

Beta – Trojan

Beta – Wait

Fack.Su – T Break – Beta remix

Beta –One

Ragnarok – Beta Remix

Nuboy – A What – Beta Remix

4Kuba – Spacebuggy –Beta Remix

Deenk – Flipside – Beta Remix

Hedflux – Revolve

Hedflux – I Take Control feat sir real

Rex – Alternate Reality

Plump Dj’s – Rocket Soul

JDS – Blackout

C83 – When we were young vocal mix

Jinx – Higher

Mike Hulme – 100mg – The Loops of Fury remix

RMS and Peak – Ten Dimensions

Madox – The Resonance Song – Phil Kieran Remix

Mesmer – Black Coke

Under this – Black and White

Agent K and Bella – Sierra Leone – Phat Riderz Remix












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