Beyond the Breaks episode 492 Featuring Digital Fist

Mikey aka Digital Fist has been an excellent friend of mine for many many years. He is one of the people in my life whom I can count on for non Breakbeat, non judge mental and intelligent adult conversations when I need to have them. I first met Mikey during Soundfeer in Prague and we spent the weekend getting to know each other a lot better.

Since then we have kept in touch and his Alter Ego has been rising through the ranks and realms of Breaks, DnB and Techno in and about the UK. He has a keen ear for his music and by all reports knows how to work a floor with professionalism and skill.

So it is my pleasure to bring to you, or if you have nee heard of him introduce to you my good friend, Dj, and all round legend



Digital Fist has been spinning breakbeat, techno(/tech-house) and drum&bass for approximately 15 years with occasional excursions into Psytrance and more Downtempo meanderings, and has recently got back into production after a 13 year hiatus.

He is currently based in Southampton, UK, having been denied re-entry to the mothership and not yet made it to Germany, having played at clubs across the south coast of England, and a handful of small festivals, most recently Triplicity 2015 in Devon, where he opened the chill stage.

He has also been curating The Precipice, a fortnightly eclectic show on for two and a half years, and has previous featured in a number of guest spots on
Specialist subjects include: precision machine funk, driving hypnotic rhythms, and menacing atmospheres.

He cites as primary influences, Orbital, Monolake, Tipper, Ion Driver, Teebee, Ed Rush & Optical, dub as an engineering technique and aesthetic, and the mathematical underpinning of all reality.

Digital Fist also likes nice people, space exploration, and when a plan comes together. And kittens! Oh, they’re so lovely!

For more, see, which is am ongoing work in progress.

You can tune in to the show Monday 11-1 GMT or 730-930pm Adelaide time and grab a copy from the archives page at you can as always come and join the chat at the chat link on the same page. see you there:)


High Prime – Funky As Beber – Chief Rocka (Bass mix)

Digitalis – SPIRAL

Jinx – Twilight 2000 (Beta remix)

Soul Of Man – Kickback

Helskanki – Nikata (Quextal remix)

Mad-Tek – Meteor Shower Skeetaz – Skeeters Limbertimbre

Jebem Ti Sunce Silicon Scally

Bioroid Mod & SQL – Frogs & Toads (Miles Dyson remix)

DJ Naga – Die Rhythmen Ein (Si Begg remix)

Ion Driver – Warm Lifecycle – On The Vine (Ion Driver remix)

Ion Driver – Magma

MARTY_B Tracklist

Zero – Emit Collect – Rennie Pilgrem remix
Like a Boulder (Remix) Plump DJs
Plump Dj’s – The Gate
Man with the red face (Bartdon Remix)
Towards The Sun (Evil Nine remix) FUTURE FUNK SQUAD 2
Renegade Snares (Cloaka Remix) [PCKLDN019] Omni Trio
ALT-A Dystopia
Reality Struggle (Acidova remix) ALGORITHMIC 


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