Beyond the Breaks episode 493 featuring Marty_B and PhilDrumz.

This is our Live set from the amazing Winter Solstice Island gig last weekend plus a few tunes from me, nice and simple, beats working!

Winter Solstice Island 2015 Marty_B Track list
Halycon + On + On Orbital
Mad Rhythm (Original Mix) Beta
Flipside (Beta Remix) Deenk Beta
Killer Wheels (OOOD Remix) Acidova Oood
Energy Vibration (Original Mix) Hedflux, Neurodriver
Break The Dream (Monk3ylogic Remix) Acidova
Percussive Punk (Monk3ylogic Remix) Olmec
Problems (Offsun Remix) Jiro OFFSUN
Contact (Original Mix) Jiro
Parasomnia (The Emissary Remix Phrakture, Clandestine


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