Beyond the Breaks Episode 494 Featuring Krobel – Spain

As we draw ever closer to the mighty 500 I still have no idea what I want to do for the show. Should I get a guest mix in or just do a special all Marty B set…?

While I think about it though I can still bring awesome mixes to the airwaves and this week is no exception. Recommended to me by his brother Trukerz  Krobel is a dj from Seville Spain and throughout his 16 year career has played in several events with the best DJs and producers in the world. He also participated in numerous radio programs with great sets always leaving the bar high with their polished and millimeter mixes. Is responsible for presenting a series of sets called MASTERPIECES OF BREAKS which shows the last references are emerging and get out in the music market. With an extensive music collection music both current and retro music always makes the audience dancing nonstop. His favorite style is pure Breaks although we can also see behind the Jungle and Drum & Bass sounds but always with the best music making his sets unforgettable.

So please enjoy…..:)


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