Beyond the Breaks Episode 496 Featuring Purposeful Party Tunes

This week on the show I am gonna have a lot of fun playing music from way back in the day. Im talking WAHEY back in the day like 1990 -1993 type tunages. This weekend coming we have a very cool party happening thanks to the Oldskooler’s themselves Continuous Flow!

Their first show in over 15 years has been finalised. limited to 250 tickets Door sales will be available for a note donation ($5 and above) limited to 50 people All proceeds to be evenly distributed amongs’t 4 local charities.
Local DJ’s donating their time GTB, ATB, Andy J, BOF, H-Bomb & Dirty Harry with MC Maestro D.

I haven’t been to a proper Oldskool party for some years so I am well looking forward to warming up the vibe by playing some of my favourite tunes for you all this Thursday night 23rd July 2015.

As always you can tune in to the show at to join in the fun and chat with me and all crew tuned in.

Im well excited and looking forward to it, yes yes yes.

Beyond the Breaks Episode 496 Featuring Purposeful Party Tunes – TRACK LIST

  1. Natural Born Grooves – Universal Love
  2. Natural Born Grooves – Forerunner
  3. Friends of Mathew – Im here your’e here
  4. Moseph Cat – My Children
  5. Sophies Boy’s – Sweet Attitude
  6. Aphrowax 10
  7. Sendero – Overload
  8. Balouga Boy’s – Hip Hop
  9. Keith Mac Meets Funkydory – Good Times
  10. Koolworld – Invader remixes
  11. Itchy x Scratchy – Crowd Jumpin
  12. Took My Lovin
  13. Tall Paul – Rok Da House
  14. Movin Melodies – La Luna
  15. Must – Gotta Get Loose
  16. Sourmash – Pilgramage to Paradise
  17. Nexus 6 – Tres Chic
  18. Mandala – Australia
  19. Edge 4 – NSRY
  20. Frank De Wulf – Beyond the B-Sides – Moribund Remix
  21. Ignition – Fantasy
  22. Rave Crusader – Energy Overload
  23. Carl Cox – Eternal
  24. N-Joi – The Void
  25. Havanna – Shift

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