Beyond the Breaks Episode 505 Dedicated to Calxtra.

Hi all

Its been a little since I wrote to you all so I thought I better get off my arse and fill you in on whats been happening.

Firstly Id like to say a huge thanks to all the awesome listeners who turn up every week to hear me play other peoples tunes it really makes me happy. I have been doing some long shows around the 5 hour mark and you all stay put and locked which is amazing. So from now on Im going to be doing something special for you all and dedicating a show to you and this week the show goes out to Calxtra, big ups to you and thank you so much for your support and energy:)

Musically I have been getting more in to the Psy Breaks side of things playing a lot of music from producers like Frequency Less, Nanosphere, Spiralife, and other really interesting tunes from the likes of Mechanical Pressure who are making some of the best music I have heard in a long time. I have also been massively impressed with Borka Fm, I remember when Gella started making beats there was a phrase “Who the fuck is Gella” well this seems fitting for Borka Fm as well:)

One special mention I want to make is the forthcoming release of Hedflux – Non Stop. This is one tune I have played over and over and always got a mad reaction from all sorts of people. So when I heard that one of my favourite tunes was being remixed by one of my favourite producers I was fuckin stoked!

Bad Tango says about the remix and his forthcoming efforts…..

Hello all! Just thought I should give you a little update on my next few releases smile emoticon So up next will be my remix of Hedflux‘s classic track ‘Non Stop’, which I have reason to believe will be surfacing next month! So as soon as i’ve got the master back i’ll upload a sample for you. And i’ve got to admit, i’ve really enjoyed playing this one in my sets the last few months, so I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with you guys. ^-^

Onto the next release, which will be a single for Broken Robot Records called ‘Gene Sequence’, which will be accompanied by some astonishingly good remixes by two of the best Psybreaks acts around, Broken Eye & Frequency Less Live. I imagine a promo mix of sorts will almost certainly be in order for this one 😉

There’s plenty more in the pipeline, including a collaborative EP betweenNanosphere and myself, which is very close to completion. So hold tight folks, music is coming! 🙂

Anyway this week on the show Ill be doing my usual thing playing old and new tunes and keep in mind the time changes due to Day Light Savings. Ill still be on on Thursday Im just not quite sure what time lol.

Anyway I look forward to seeing you in the chat and hope that you enjoy the beats:)


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