Episode 506 – featuring – Beyond the Disc Breaks with Llupa Vs DJ Marty B Vs Youthful_Implants – 66 – 26th March 2009

After not showing up last week because I accidentally got sideways and totally missed my show I have decided to treat you all to something very special.

Back in 2009 I played a gig in Melbourne and stopped off at Tom Llupa’s place for a jam on NSB with the one like Youthful Implants along for the ride.

As tom put it back in the day:

Last week fellow NSB DJ and mate, DJ Marty B was in town for a gig, so we thought we’d hook up with Alex Youthful Implants and do a three way back 2 back show 😀 It turned out pretty well with our styles not being to dissimilar and was definitely a blast!.

Here’s the archive of the shenanigans – no track list but it was a quality mix of breaks with the three of us going 2 for 2

There are some absolute banging tunes in this mix and from memory we all had a very good time:)



None, it was 2009 man we were all drunk and who can remember back that far anyway haha:)


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