Beyond the Breaks episode 535 feat: Line of Sight & Saku, Kiosek Records, Prague.

Hi all and welcome along to episode 535 of BTB, this week on the show I am pleased to feature one of my favourite labels and two of my favourite Dj/Producers Line of Sight and Saku from Prague.

I have been a huge fan of these guys for years and have been playing some of the tunes recently which you will recognise tonight as I air the Kiosek Records 2016 mix.

I have probably listened to this mix more than 50 times since I downloaded it and Im sure you will enjoy it just as much as I have and continue to do so:)

Kiosek in their own words….

Kiosek Records, Brand new, fresh as flesh and sharp as the Lojza-the-Butcher’s knife, this is the new breakbeat label from the Czech Republic, Europe, that we would like to present to you.

From progressive breaks to dark urban hymns, with cold as ice chillout breaks and basses so deep you can take a shovel and dig for them right in the Earth’s core. Breakbeat hardly ever was a simple style; quite the opposite, you’ll find whole universes in breaking beats – and with Kiosek Records I would love to invite you for a flyby through some newly discovered star clusters and nebulas.

So, fasten your seat belts please, this could be one hell of a flight; your satisfaction is guaranteed by the professional mastering of every single track in Kiosek Records, and also by some very experienced pilots. Although the label is new, it is ran by veteran (yet still kicking) founders of the website – one of the core ingredients of the breakbeat scene in middle Europe.

los and saku

On the mix….

It’s been quite a journey for Kiosek Records the past two years. Travelling through darkened city streets in the deepest night, through the most recondite parts of the soul, but also through ecstatic dance floors. This mix, looking back on our past releases and forward to some upcoming ones, is a reflection of this journey. This is Kiosek on its second anniversary. Enjoy the ride. Sam & Georgi


01. Line Of Sight – Voyager (Original Mix)
02. Sonority – Could Be Normal (Turtlesquad Remix)
03. DNCH – Mister Frust (Original Mix)
04. Andels (CZ) – Man and Machines (Robosapiens Remix)
05. Hironimus Bosch – Whippin The 5 (Original Mix)
06. DNCH – Kraut (Kostas G Remix)
07. Grove – Conspirator (Original Mix)
08. Cafeman – Bangers Delight (Jiro Remix)
09. Mesmer & Line Of Sight – The Orb (Original Mix)
10. Turtlesquad – Afterlife (Original Mix)
11. Stromlinie – Crossing Roots (Original Mix)
12. Roocza – Clarence The Nebulist (DNCH Remix)
13. Uncless – Shinkanzen (Sonority Retold 2016)
14. Line Of Sight & Voita – Freedom (Original Mix)
15. Sonority – Raw Dist (Club Mix)
16. Eartheogen – Eudemony (Original Mix)
17. Eartheogen – Eudemony (DNCH Remix)
18. Rcaine & Karl Sav – Haar (Dj friendly Mix)




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