Beyond the Breaks Episode 558- 28/10/2016 featuring…..Psyence Fiction Warmer Uppereres.

Well its that time again to bring out the Psy Goodness, this will be the warm up of the warm up for my warm up set at the next Psyence Fiction on 11.11.16 with these likely lads..because Everything is fiction before it is manifested into “reality”. A bi-monthly night to delve into the Psychedelic realms of the physical and non-physical reality – Psy-ence Fiction. Residents Adam Stapleton and James Corbett (sometimes performing as “The Psy-entists” ) plus rotating guests, giveaways and of course, Psychedelic lighting and visuals.Expand your mind. Experience an in depth level of trance music and dance to the beat of a different drum.


So, no guesses as to what I will be playing but more to come on that tomorrow/today as I step to the decks and drop the beats. Ill be kicking off early, hopefuly thrn off to the gig.:)…/beyond-the-breaks-…

If all is well I might even include a (no one else has it) mix from someone that will only ever be played on this show once.


11-1GMT or 8.30pm Adelaide time on the NSB




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